Mystic Timber: Budda Blade Dabber

Wood: Bloodwood


Price: $39.99,


From the Manufacturer: 

Mystic Timber Dabbing Tools are the perfect addition to your dabbing sesh kit. From the Pocket Dabbers, to the Midi Dabbers, to the multifunctional Dabber / Clip, we have every smoking accessory you need. Beveled and sanded sides keep your dabbers from rolling—within reach, and without leaving any sticky residue on your table surface.

Our ergonomically designed dabbers fit your hand as well as your needs, and get richer in color and feel with years of use. All of our dab tools are available in your choice of wood, as well as dabber tip.

Dab tool features include:

  • Hand-crafted wooden components made from sustainable tropical and North American hardwoods
  • Natural colors, finished and buffed with proprietary, non-toxic wax
  • Dabber shafts and tips are made of T2 Titanium, while the clips are high-grade nickel-plated stainless steel
  • Available in custom milled T2 Titanium Ball, Pic-Scoop or flat-end Shovel tips
  • Mystic Timber dabbers are a one-of-a kind, durable tool or gift

Our dabbers share their distinct, rock and no roll design, and buffed finish with our Beast Smoking Wands.  When you are looking for hard-working, well-made smoking wands, check out our full product line.

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