Mothership Clear Klein Set (Pink Emblem) - September 2019 Drop

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The Klein bottle is a prime example of a non-orientable surface. It has neither an outside, nor an inside. Its true form is only possible in four dimensions. Our design pays homage to the famous German mathematician Felix Klein and his work in geometric theory. Similar to the Torus Recycler, the Klein also utilizes our internal Torus-Jet system. It differs in that it comes comes equipped with the ornate, full “Flower of Life” perc. On the exterior the Klein-style weld allows the water to drain outside the main chamber, and back in under the water line.

Height: Approx 6.5",

100% Authentic, Made in the USA.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high value and demand for this item, orders must ship to your billing address. We are unable to ship this item to an alternate address.

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