Mothership Clear Faberge Egg Set (Purple Emblem) - September 2019 Drop

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The conception of The Mothership Fab Egg was fueled by our relentless drive to tear down the barriers between art, design, and function. Inspired by many artists, glass and non-glass alike, the Fab Egg exquisitely blends together all the various specifications and attributes that we aim to achieve when designing a product. It's award winning design is beautifully complex. This painstakingly scientific styled apparatus has quickly become Mothership’s flagship model. Aside from being unique, visually stunning, and often confusing at a glance; The Faberge Egg is very comfortable in hand and functions like no other piece in the world.

The vapor path starts with our custom tooled ground joint, beneath it the down stem travels through the outer wall and down into the “egg”. Seemingly defying gravity, the down stem extends down to the inner percolation chamber below the egg. From here it reaches the three, four, or five Seed of Life percs, each containing 18 holes or “petals”. As the sacred geometry positively charges your vapor it travels upward through the hollow walls of the lower “egg” and are disrupted and redirected by the 3 rows of staggered “donut” holes. These “donuts” create many positive effects in the overall performance of the piece. These “donuts” act as an additional percolation chamber and as a splash barrier; the donuts also help in transforming small frothy bubbles into larger, more rolling bubbles virtually eliminating splash back. The water is then pulled up through the four tunnels into the upper egg where the water gracefully rolls over the top inner dome and back down to the percolation chamber below. The base of the Fab Egg is extremely solid and very firm. A foundation that you’d expect such a piece to reside upon. Often reaching 16mm thick, we take pride knowing they will withstand a fair share of abuse, and love.

Height: Approx. 8.5",

100% Authentic, Made in the USA.

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