D Nail Shinju Mixing Sphere

Size: 5mm


These are everything we want in spheres:


-Stable up to 1600C

-Chemically inert

-Heat retention over 300% fused quartz by volume

-As perfectly spherical and polished as modern technology allows.

-Easy to clean



“These are very different than the rest of the ceramic parts you've seen in the industry.  Key points are these can be torched without problem (don't throw them in water or iso hot) and they clean up extremely well instead of buiding up residue in the surface.

Initially, we had been researching this ceramic for other parts, but determined it meets all the right parameters for mixing spheres.  The fact that it literally looks like pearl is just a bonus.


As part of us releasing new materials under trade names in lieu of technical ones, we are prioritizing supporting safety testing.  Linked here are the results of thermogravometric analysis to 1,000C - the test (at the highest temperature available) confirms the material is stable and does not offgas at extremely elevated temperatures.” - D Nail USA

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