Volcano Digital with Easy Valve



The VOLCANO DIGIT features an extra large LED display that immediately and precisely informs the user of the operating status. Durable stainless steel protects your VOLCANO DIGIT, while the robust air pump works for years, maintenance free. Patented technology ensures that the heat exchanger brings air cleanly and safely to the desired temperature.

The EASY VALVE is super simple to use and features preassembled Balloons.

Volcano Digital:
- Precise electronic control
- Extra large, digital LED display with set and actual temperature
- Vaporization temperature adjustable between approx 104°F and 446°F (40°C and 230°C)
- Temperature accuracy ±2,7°F (±1,5°C)
- Display changeover between °Celsius and °Fahrenheit
- Automatic switch off after 30 minutes
- Three year warranty
- Dimensions: 7.9 x 7.1 inch (20.0 x 18.0 cm)
- Weight: 4.0 lbs (1.8 kg)

Easy Valve:
- Simple to use Easy Valve starter set
- Valve and Balloon already connected and ready-to-use
- Low priced Valve Balloon Mouthpiece enables personal use

Package Includes:
- 1 pc. VOLCANO DIGIT Hot Air Generator,
- 5 pc. EASY VALVE Balloons,
- 1 pc. Filling Chamber
- 1 pc. Normal Screen Set,
- 1 pc. Air Filter Set,
- 1 pc. Liquid Pad,
- 1 pc. Cleaning Brush,
- 1 pc. Herb Mill,
- 1 pc. Instructions for Use.

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