Mothership Mini Exosphere Kickback Clear Set (Black Emblem)

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Price: $5485.00 (Includes $35 Shipping / Handling)

Height: approx 6.5",

Base Diameter: Approx 3 1/8"

10mm Joint,

4 Seed Perc,

Black swing,

The Exosphere design is a spectacular combination of many technical glassblowing skills, beautiful form, and superb function. The vapor path in the Exosphere starts with our custom tooled ground joint, then travels through the downstem that connects to the spherical fab style donut chamber. These donuts act as a percolation chamber and splash barrier. This “exo-chamber” also helps keep water down and away from the mouthpiece and acts as a volume reducer. The downstem then extends to the inner perc chamber below the “exo-chamber” where it reaches the four Seed of Life percs, each containing 18 “petals”. This design incorporates many precise tolerances in conjunction with several scientific glassblowing techniques and welds. The Exosphere’s function is incredibly unique. Finally, it rests atop a firm foundation, with the Mothership mandala deeply etched into the underside.

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