Mothership Clear Straight Fab Set (Purple Emblem) - September 2019 Drop

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The Mothership Straight Fab has a 10MM joint. Beneath the joint, the downstem enters the main 40mm can through a hollow “Seed of Life” Disc Percolator with 18 holes. Above the perc is three sets of pierced holes (similar to the Faberge Egg) arranged in a triangular pattern to create even more diffusion. The Mini Straight Fab uses the highest quality Schott Duran glass and all components are made in house to the highest of standards. The neck and bottom of the foot feature the Mothership Logo etched in detail.

Height: Approx 7",

100% Authentic, Made in the USA.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the high value and demand for this item, orders must ship to your billing address. We are unable to ship this item to an alternate address.

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