We have carried Storz & Bickel Products for years, and now we have them available online to ship across the country! Volcano Vaporizers are the best vaporizers on the market hands down, and will be for the foreseeable future! Made from top quality parts in Germany, the Volcano Vaporizer differs from most other vaporizers with it's air pump design. The Volcano pumps hot air over your herbs and fills a bag with vapor. The Volcano comes in both Digital and Analog models with two different valve kit options. Personally, I prefer the Solid Valve kit over the Easy Valve Kit for my Volcano. Storz & Bickel have also just recently introduced two new portable models to their vaporizer lineup. The Mighty and Crafty are two of the best portable vaporizers on the market. Using very similar technology and method to the Volcano to vaporize your materials, just no air pump, You can directly inhale from built in mouthpieces on these portable models. What is your favorite vaporizer?

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