We were incredibly fortunate last week to be contacted by Talon Glass, we were able to snag a couple of amazing collab tubes with JRoss and Bowl Pusher. The three way collab tube features Glass Alchemy's new color Serum, as well as Pink Cadillac, Hyacinth, Onyx, and Transparent Wisteria. It comes with a total of Four downstems! Two 14mm-14mm Male-Male Worked Three Hole Diffusers for concentrate and Two 10mm/14mm Worked Reducer Three Hole Diffusers for flower. It also includes a matching 14mm female concentrate slide, 10mm flower slide, and of course a dome! Some nice extras that come with it are a really cool carb cap and matching bead, and all of it fits inside a pelican case which is also included. Does this piece have enough accessories or what?! Check out more pics in our Heady section!


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