Grav Labs August 22 2015, 1 Comment

Based out of Austin, Texas, the Grav Lab team is able to create some truly amazing Hand Pipe, Water Pipe, Bubbler, and One Hitter designs. Their basic hand pipe design is one of our top sellers. Pulling it out of the case and dropping on top of our glass counter and hearing that satisfying "tink" of glass hitting glass and not breaking is often all anybody needs to see and hear be for purchasing this pipe. Not only is the pipe extra thick for even the clumsiest of people, it also features a built in ash catcher, providing a much smoother hit. The guys over at Grav Labs pay attention to style and detail, offering many of their models in different colors or with more artistic additions.

Grav Labs is very deep rooted in the glass blowing community. Often they will team up with other solo blowers or companies and come out with a new unique design. One of the most popular pieces they have co-created is the Helix Water Pipe. The Helix Features a Venturi Air Cooling System that provides one of the smoothest smoking experiences available. In other words, it makes a really cool tornado inside the water pipe to cool down the smoke! A magnificent sight to behold!