Our History: Americas Oldest Headshoppe August 20 2015, 1 Comment

Captain Ed's Shoppe, in Van Nuys and Reseda, CA, first opened its doors in 1967. The shop has managed to survive for nearly fifty years, though not without some fast thinking! In fact, it was in 1980 during the Reagan administration that the shop was forced to change its name from Heads & Highs, which the Feds suggested implied drug use. Edwin Marsh Adair III, (A.K.A Captain Ed), didn't like being told what to do BUT he conceded, and named the shops after himself, Captain Ed.

Co-owner Bob Silverman didn't mind, and the rest is history. The shop has barely changed since the days of Hendrix and Abbie Hoffman. The walls are covered in out of print posters, stapled up by forty plus years of hippie hands, and the wooden floors are stained deep with decades of stoner tracks. A cloud of incense hangs over the display cases jammed with colorful glass pipes, high-tech vaporizers, and every other product that could be desired by hedonist young and old. Hundreds of thousands of signatures have been collected over the years for legalization and other worthy causes. This image was created  by well known artists Derek Hare in the early 80's of Captain Ed ! Check out the artistry here!