WC STEARNS exhibit in the Gallery @ Capt Eds! February 16 2014, 0 Comments

What's up, people?

We are getting incredibly excited as the day comes nearer and nearer! WC Stearns is bringing his glass art to our gallery. The date is SAT night, 6pm. MARCH 22, 2014.

This will be our 2nd gallery show. Darby Holm was our first  (technically the gallery was not open yet, when we had Ryno, Cowboy, Jop, Hoobs, and Hops here, lol) and we are ramping up for some amazing offerings! Yesterday, I chatted with Will and asked him what he hopes to bring, and he told me: ' coins, marbles, heady drinking glasses, shot glasses, non-functional pendants, mini-tubes, onies, pendant rigs, and some surprises.' We are excited to see these drinking glasses which Will said 'could get pretty heady'. Who wouldn't want to share a beer with a friend, in a heady pint glass?? Coming from the artist who co-created the Leaf Aquatic series with Mr Gray... you know these glasses are going to be IN-SANE. Not to mention the rest! :) The non-functional game is heating up big time. Can't wait! More announcements to come. Stay tuned and MARK YOUR CALENDAR, and thanks for your overwhelming support for our gallery!