Holidays 2013 were totally amazing. Representing heady for the first time during the holidays really brought in the loyal followings of each artist, and sparked excitement with all the generations of our customers who never knew anything about heady glass. It was a big step up for Captain Eds Shoppes and our customers loved it. Without a doubt, Darby's gallery show was the most insane event of the year and really showed us how the pros do it. We learned a huge amount this year. And we made a lot of new friends, as well as said goodbye to some old ones. Another big step up for Capt Eds Shoppes was the addition of our website, which is still in a major growing stage. Every week and month, you will see it grow. With the new site, we have already had a level of success that was beyond our expectations, and 2014 will only get bigger! We don't compromise on customer service, because we know it's YOU that makes everything possible. We take a lot of pride in hiring the coolest people we can find, and many thanks go out to our excellent employees who keep it all on track. The world is changing fast, and we'll keep doing our best here to carry this 47 year old institution into the future and keep taking it to the next level! But don't you worry--we will always remember where we started. That would be a little shop in Van Nuys, Ca. run by two young dudes named Ed and Bob, way back in 1967. Did they ever believe these shoppes would become the oldest in America with an art gallery and an online store? Well, Look for at least 4  gallery shows in 2014, including WC Stearns and Burl Savage and more TBA. Thank you for a great 2013 and happy new year. Blessing to all.

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